Putting Private Equity Scorecard Approach to Work.

Putting Private Equity Scorecard Approach to Work.

Empower Capital’s team is honored to have a second paper on a proprietary valuation method called PESA™ (Private Equity Scorecard Approach), published by the Journal of Private Equity Fall, 2018.

The theoretical model of Private Equity Scorecard Approach (PESA™), introduced an article in the Spring 2018 issue of The Journal of Private Equity (“Private Equity Scorecard Approach: Quality versus Myth”), develops a methodology to value a company based on its quantitative and qualitative indicators. As pointed out in the article, however, any model would only exist in theoretical boundaries, unless applied in practice.

In this article are discussed the specific characteristics of the internal processes and organizational structure of a private equity fund that uses the PESA™ methodology in its modus operandi.

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