Software Group

Founded in 2009 Software Group has solidified its position as a globally recognized technology provider in the USD 100 billion digital financial services industry serving a diverse client base comprising more than 200 banks, governmental bodies, central banks, telecoms, fintechs, and other financial institutions across more than 70 countries.

At the core of Software Group’s offerings are its award-winning digital banking platform and prebuilt solutions that contribute to a better digital financial ecosystem, impacting positively the lives of more than 100 mln people worldwide. The company empowers its clients to lead digital banking transformation and innovation, accelerate financial inclusion, establish nationwide payment and financial service platforms, support SME growth, and contribute to building a modern digital economy.

In December 2023, INVENIO Partners completed a joint investment with PostScriptum Ventures of up to EUR 9.5m. This significant funding will support Software Group’s continued growth and innovation in financial technology.

Associated Partners

The European Investment Fund has supported Invenio Partners through providing commitments under the InvestBG and COSME initiatives.